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Exposition à la Bibliothèque les champs libres à Rennes

Du 1er juillet au 2 novembre 2014

The absurd humour of the artist brothers Plonk & Replonk from La Chaux-de-Fonds is notorious in western Switzerland and in France, where they have turned museums upside down. The artists “cartoon collages” in the style of hand-coloured post cards from the turn of the 20th century make fun of everyone and everything.

Their art objects are three-dimensional caricatures: brass flip-flops, porcelain ping-pong balls, and garden gnomes set in concrete. Plonk & Replonk invented the King of Switzerland and are in the process of patenting Tuesday.

The subtly altered post cards and historical photographs peppered with puns present a whimsical image of Switzerland and make deep scratches in the shiny surface of majestic mountain tops, executive suites, proud military men, well-behaved citizens and outdated clichés.

The Cartoonmuseum Basel pays homage to Plonk & Replonk with the first major retrospective on the German-speaking side of the “Röstigraben”. As a special treat for Basel, the artists have put together a series of works dealing with the particularities of the city on the Rhine.

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